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Physics "Aldo Pontremoli"

The Department of Physics "Aldo Pontremoli" hosts research activities in various domains of fundamental and applied Physics such as Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Nanotechnologies, Optics, Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Physics of Plasmas, Accelerator Physics, Physics of Complex Systems, Environmental and Cultural Heritage Physics, and Medical Physics.

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Particle Therapy Masterclass banner

Masterclass "Particle Radiotheray"

On March 23rd 2021, the first Italian edition of the “Particle Therapy” MasterClass, a training event promoted by the IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group). The goal is to bring the students of the High Schools closer to the applications of physics research for cancer therapy through conventional radiotherapy and hadrontherapy.

Fission U Tn

Uncovering the mechanism of angular momentum generation in nuclear fission

Nuclear physicists of INFN Milano (GAMMA experiment) have contributed discovering the unexpected way the angular momentum of the two fragments, resulting from the splitting (fission) of an atomic nucleus, is generated. Such outstanding mystery in Nuclear Physics has been solved by measuring gamma rays emitted by U and Th fissioning isotopes.


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