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Launched in Vienna the EFRI Roadmap 2018

The fifth Strategy Report and Roadmap 2018 of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) was presented on 11th September, in the framework of the Austrian Presidency events, at Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna.

11 September 2018

Pier Francesco Bortignon

Pier Francesco Bortignon passed away on 27 August 2018. His passion for research and teaching, his rigorous attitude and his dauntless commitment have been an example for all of us, and it will be difficult to imagine the Department and the INFN Section without him.

27 August 2018
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ColOpt network event

The University of Milan is hosting the third Innovative Training Network (ITN) ColOpt event, from 9th to 13th July 2018, in the Sala Napoleonica of via S. Antonio 12

02 July 2018
ATLAS Experiment © 2018 CERN

New ATLAS result establishes production of Higgs boson in association with top quarks

The ATLAS Collaboration at CERN has announced the observation of Higgs bosons produced together with a top-quark pair. Observing this extremely rare process is a significant milestone for the field of High-Energy Physics. It allows physicists to test critical parameters of the Higgs mechanism in the Standard Model of particle physics.

04 June 2018
Credit: NASA & ESA and P. Kelly (University of California, Berkeley)

Most distant star ever seen

Nature Astronomy publishes a paper by a team - including Claudio Grillo, physicist at the University of Milan - announcing the discovery of the hot blue star “Icarus”, 9 billion light years away.

03 April 2018
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