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Leonardesque artists beyond the visible

The project ‘Leonardesque artists beyond the visible’ aims to evaluate works by Leonardesque masters through scientific analyses, supplying useful information to the experts in the field, but also to a wider public. The project, linked to the exhibition at Museo Poldi Pezzoli “Leonardo e la Madonna Litta”, is funded by Fondazione Bracco.

06 November 2019
locandina (particolare)

5th Workshop on Complex Systems @ UNIMI

Held on October 31st, the workshop gathers researchers working in many different areas of the physical and biological sciences involving several research lines related to the theoretical and experimental investigation of complex systems.

22 October 2019

2019 Nobel Prize in Physics

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to James Peebles, Michel Mayor, and Didier Queloz, "for contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and Earth's place in the cosmos".

08 October 2019
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