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Access to buildings, teaching and remote seminars


ATTENTION: as a result of the ongoing health emergency, access times and rules are temporarily changed. In particular, in this phase access to the Department remains strictly regulated and is limited to the "indispensable activities" as defined by the rectoral decree of 3 May 2020 (LINK), with times and cadences to be explicitly agreed with the Departments (Department / INFN).

Please check the detailed instructions about requesting access to the buildings that are available at this page.

Please DO NOT send requests in the evening to access the next day, nor during the weekend for Monday morning, as the authorized lists must be sent to the concierge service at least 24 hours in advance.

The temperature control methods currently require access only from the (manned) entrance of the new Informatics building (Via Celoria 18), while the entrance from via Celoria 16 will remain closed. Any access with your own vehicle must be requested at least 24 hours in advance and in any case it must take place from Via Celoria 18, paying maximum attention to the closing time (after which only pedestrian emergency exits remain accessible).

The standard operating mode for the next few weeks, however, remains that of remote work, with the exception of those who have received explicit authorization to access the Department or LASA. This authorization is subject to the compulsory online training course - "Covid-19 and work: what to know", available, for staff, at the link: https://apps.unimi.it/elearning, by authenticating through your login credentials to UNIMI services. The course lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and requires passing a final test.

These restrictions will gradually be eased, imagining that everything can be done without  incidents. The resumption of the various activities must necessarily be monitored, and take place gradually.


Department seminars, if not re-scheduled, will take place in remote using the Zoom platform. Check the details of the individual scheduled events.


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04 May 2020
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