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Competition for a didactic activity according to the TEMI teaching method

1. The Physics Education Research Group of the Department of Physics of the Università degli Studi of Milan, partner of the Fp7 project TEMI (Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated), calls a competition for a didactic activity according to the TEMI teaching method.
This activity must have taken place on the past or the current school year in a secondary school, with the objective to improve the scientific learning ability of the students and to enhance the didactics competences of the physics teacher.

2. The didactic activity must have been carried out by a teacher or a team of teachers, who worked with a class, or with a group of students, and must concern a physics activity carried out according to the TEMI teaching method.

3. The work must be supported by a relation providing:
• an accurate presentation of the chosen physics topic, explaining the coherence with respect to the school context and the didactics demands;
• the aims of the project;
• the operating methods, specifying in detail the amount of hours, the 5E phases (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, Evaluation) of the Enquiry TEMI teaching method, and the material used;
• the parameters and the criteria to evaluate the results and the effectiveness of the didactic activity, mainly referring to the gradual release of responsibility of learning, as expected by the TEMI didactics;
• the bibliography.

4. The winner, or the winners, will receive as a prize a complete didactic kit developed in the TEMI project by the Milan team, to carry out a complete didactic activity according to the TEMI teaching method. The winners will receive the prize at the school address specified in the application form by the first applicant, and their names will be published on this website.

5. In order to participate to the competition, the teachers should send an email by the deadline of April, 22nd 2017 to spettacolo@fisica.unimi.it supplying the following documentation:
• application form downloadable at this link, filled with personal details of the candidate;
• a pdf file reporting the work in detail;
• any other useful document for the evaluation (pictures, photos, videos and presentations). If these files are larger than 10 Mb, please send a link to download them.

6. The parameters for the evaluations of the projects are the following:
• the coherence with respect to this announcement;
• the originality and the appeal of the work;
• the benefit for the student.
• Project and application form may be submitted either in English or in Italian.
The winners will be chosen at the incontestable discretion of the committee.

7. To receive further explanation and information, please send an email to the address: spettacolo@fisica.unimi.it

Link to download the application form.

19 October 2016
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