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ESA's TechNES space application project is underway

Presentation of the European Space Agency's Technologies for Non-Equilibrium Systems space application project

The kick-off meeting of the European Space Agency's TechNES space project took place on 14 October 2020. The international coordination of the project is entrusted to the team of the Physics Department, composed by Alberto Vailati and Marina Carpineti. The project will capitalize on the team's twenty years of experience in colloid physics, the development of innovative optical techniques and fluid physics experiments in microgravity.

The TechNES project, carried out in collaboration with the Department of Medical Technologies and Translational Medicine (Biometra), involves a European team of scientists from the University of Pau et les Pais de l’Adour (FR), the University of Bayreuth (DE) and the Complutense University of Madrid (ES), who have many years of experience in space experiments in fluid physics. The international team will collaborate with the High-Tech company NanoTemper Technologies to develop new diagnostic techniques for the characterization of proteinaceous biopharmaceuticals.

TechNES represents the technological part of ESA's Giant Fluctuations fundamental research project, during which several missions will be carried out on the International Space Station to study non-equilibrium processes in complex fluids. The experience gained for the preparation of the microgravity experiments of the Giant Fluctuations project will lay the grounds for the development of new diagnostic techniques based on the diffusion of light with polychromatic illumination, suitable for the quantitative characterization of complex liquids under non-equilibrium conditions.

19 October 2020
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