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In memory of Jacopo Dentici

On March 1st, 1945, at the age of only 18, Jacopo Dentici, one of our students enrolled in the second year of Physics, died in the concentration camp of Gusen II (Mauthausen). He was a partisan under the Comando Piazza in Voghera, then the secretary of the General Command of the Corpo Volontari della Libertà. He was arrested on November 7th 1944. Delivered to the SS he was deported to the lager of Bolzano and from there to the concentration camp of Mauthausen. The University of Milan awarded him an honorary degree in 1946. In memory of Jacopo Dentici, the Department of Physics will name the Aula Studio after him.

He is remembered on Friday 1st at 15:00 in Aula A. Invited speakers:

  • Leonardo Gariboldi (Department of Physics)
  • Aurora Bonfoco (Lyceum "G. Galilei", Voghera)
  • Gaia Riitano (Centro APICE)
  • Maurizio Guerri (Istituto "Ferruccio Parri")
28 February 2019
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