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Launched the N3PDF project with PI Stefano Forte

On October 1st the N3PDF project was launched, with principal investigator Stefano Forte, professor of Theoretical Physics at the Department. The project is funded for five years through an Advanced Grant of 1.6 million euros of the European Research Council.


N3PDF aims at revolutionizing the theory of strong interactions and its application to the determination of the structure of the proton, by introducing extensively techniques of artificial intelligence (AI). The core of the project is the development of an AI agent for the determinations of the parton distributions which encode the quark and gluon structure of the proton, using machine learning techniques. To achieve these goals, N3PDF will work in synergy with the NNPDF collaboration, to which it will provide methods and tools and from which it will gain physics input and insight.

The research group will include, in addition to the staff of the Tif Lab of our department (Alessandro Vicini and Giancarlo Ferrera), a junior faculty member, two postdocs and two PhD students, to be recruited
internationally in the coming months.

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01 October 2017
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