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Letters from Nobel Laureates

On January 9, in some laboratory in the Department of Physics, a few documents concerning Giovanni Polvani, former physicist at Milan University and Rector of the same University, were discovered. A group of students in Conservation Science, currently inters at Physics Department, accidentally found them. Among the documents, old newspaper clippings, technical reports and various letters. Wolfgang Ernst Pauli (Nobel Physics prize in 1945), Nevill Francis Mott (Nobel Physics prize in 1977) and Edoardo Amaldi (who worked in Enrico Fermi group) handwrite signed some of the found letters. The papers are now held by the Library Archive of our Department and will be catalogued and studied in the next future: they will cast new light on the Italian physics in the 50’s, with a particular perspective on the Milanese environment. This piece of news aroused the curiosity of a journalist and a piece was published on Corriere della Sera last January 19. 

Additional reading: The piece on Corriere della Sera (Italian)

Scritti di Amaldi

23 January 2018
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