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Our Ph.D. student Alessia Murrone among the best communications at the SIF conference

The Italian Physical Society (SIF) has published the list of the best communications to the SIF conference held on Sept. 2017. The first prize in Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics goes to our Ph.D. student Alessia Murrone, for her communication "Measurement of the Higgs boson production cross section and of CP violation in the H->tau,tau channel with the ATLAS detector at LHC". The prize will be officially awarded during next SIF conference in 2018.

H -> tau tau (source CERN)The work of our Ph.D. student focuses on the Higgs boson decay to a pair of tau leptons using data collected at the ATLAS detector at the LHC. This decay channel is interesting as it allows to study the Higgs coupling to fermions. During the RUN1 of LHC the evidence of a H->tau,tau decay was reached while it is currently ongoing an analysis with the RUN2 data. She presented the perspectives of the RUN 2 analysis and highlighted some critical aspects as the calculation of theory systematics. In addition the H->tau,tau decay allows to search for Beyond the Standard Model contributions in the Higgs sector through a direct measurement of CP violation. The Optimal Observable technique used in the RUN1 measurement has a great potential and the analysis will be improved by the statistics of RUN2. 

Special mentions related to our Department are given to communications in the section of Teaching and History of Physics by Marina Tamborini (Liceo Scientifico "Piero Bottoni", Milano), and to Flavia Groppi.

The SIF communication (Italian) is available at: https://www.sif.it/attivita/congresso/103/comunicazioni

10 November 2017
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