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Public Competition for Admission to Doctoral Research Programmes at the University of Milan until June 24th

The main theme of this doctoral programme is physics in advanced sectors of pure and applied research.
Research covers all areas of modern physics, as indicated in the 5 curricula which aim to facilitate the placement of doctoral students in specific sectors.
The required basic training is guaranteed by a combination of courses specific to this programme and others exceptionally borrowed from the second cycle degree programme, with examinations at the end of the first year.
Moreover, doctoratal students are required to attend an International School, with final assessment through a public seminar. The programme also provides various opportunities for discussion and exchanges among students in different programmes, particularly during a workshop at the end of the academic year.
Training is supplemented by coordinated series of subject- specific conferences ("Physics Colloquia").
At the same time, doctoral students will have to undertake original research under the guidance of a tutor and a co-tutor and report on their progress through annual seminars during which students present their findings to the University's scientific community.
This programme also offers internships in Fundamental Physics or High Technology at National and International Laboratories and private Research Laboratories.

 [ source: https://www.unimi.it/ ]

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14 June 2019
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