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On Wednesday 7 November, on the anniversary of Maria Skłodowska Curie's birth, the RadioLab project funded by the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) presents the "Radon Day", with a series of initiatives in various locations throughout Italy.

In Cagliari, in collaboration with the Department of Physics, INFN and ARPA experts will illustrate the problem related to radon and its concentration in buildings. During the event, attended by the students of the schools involved for two years in RadioLab, two students will share with their classmates the experience of the RadioLab Summer School held last September in Macugnaga. Afterwards, laboratory activities on radiation are scheduled and the inauguration of a hall of the department dedicated to Maria Skłodowska Curie, intended for dissemination activities with schools.
The INFN section of Catania will participate in Radon Day with an event organized in the main hall of the University's Department of Physics and Astronomy "Ettore Majorana". The program includes, after a screening of a video on Maria Skłodowska Curie, interventions by representatives of institutions and institutions (INGV, AIRP, ARPA) closely linked to the problem of radon. The day will end with visits to the environmental radioactivity laboratory and experimental activities for students included in the alternation between school and work.
At the Fermi Institute of Cosenza will meet all RadioLab-Calabria and will be held seminars (presentation of the project, European regulations concerning the radon, presentation of data collected by ARPACAL and research activities on the topic at the Dept. of Physics of UNICAL); to follow, the three students attending the Summer School will present the contents of the experiences carried out. There will be ample room for dialogue between students, experts and institutions' personalities.
The activities planned for the RadioLab-Lecce headquarters will consist of a workshop on scientific-popular issues, with particular attention to radon, which will take place at the Liceo Classico Marzolla di Brindisi, project partner, in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Physics "IS. De Giorgi" of the University of Salento, in the presence of the INFN Section Director of Lecce.
The headquarters of RadioLab-Milan will organize two events that will be held simultaneously in two of the schools involved in the project: ITIS Mattei of San Donato Milanese and IIS Curie-Sraffa of Milan. General interventions on natural radioactivity are planned with particular attention to the "radon case" and the experience during the Summer School.
The headquarters of RadioLab-Naples will meet in Ischia, where the students, together with those of the Pacinotti di Scafati, after the morning conference at the Multimedia Hall of the Municipality of Ischia, in the early afternoon will tour the island visiting a thermal establishment with sources of radioactive water, fumaroles and the Ciglio, a neighborhood where the houses are built with and in the green tuff. An intervention by the President of the Termalisti Association of the Ischia Island is planned, sponsoring the initiative.
In Siena, at the Physics section of the Department of Physical Sciences, of the Earth and the Environment of the University of Siena, a workshop will be held to present the opportunities offered by RadioLab to teachers and students of the territory of Tuscany. The workshop, useful as an update for in-service teachers, will present the phases of the school-work alternation path and an example of activities carried out by a pilot school in the 2017/18 school year.

Radon Day will also be an opportunity to remember the figure of Madame Curie and to introduce the public to the discovery of nuclear phenomena and the monitoring of radon. More information on initiatives related to Radon Day are available at: https://web.infn.it/RadioLab/.

07 November 2018
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