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Special mention in the context Fubini Prize for an UNIMI PhD thesis

photo of Enrico Maria Malatesta

The fourth INFN National Scientific Commission in the context of the Fubini Prize deemed worthy of special mention the PhD thesis in Theoretical Physics of Enrico Maria Malatesta.

The thesis entitled "Random Combinatorial Optimization Problems: Mean Field and Finite-Dimensional Results" was defended at the University of Milan, under the supervision of Prof. Sergio Caracciolo.

The thesis work consisted in the study of some well known problems of combinatorial optimization, with statistical field theory methods proper to disordered systems. In particular, the first corrections to the behaviour of the mean field theory in the so-called assignment problem were calculated analytically, and very detailed information was obtained, also for other similar problems, even in low dimensions, where the mean field is not effective.

Link to the PhD thesis by Enrico Maria Malatesta


16 April 2020
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