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Success in the test at LASA of an innovative superconducting coil in MgB2

In March 6th 2018, the Superconducting Magnet Group of LASA (Laboratorio Acceleratori e Superconduttività Applicata of INFN and Physics Department of Università degli Studi di Milano) performed with success the test of an innovative superconducting coil in MgB2, that has been designed, built and tested my Milan Group in the framework for developing new concepts of magnets for particle accelerators. The superconducting coil, cooled at 4.2 K with boiling helium, reached the specification current of 160 A. The coil was then energized to larger currents to investigate the limiting current, which resulted 243 A, which is 73% of the critical current for virgin, not-degraded, conductor.(C) LASA M. Sorbi

"We consider a success this result", said Massimo Sorbi, the coordinator of the Group at LASA, "because MgB2 virgin conductors are very prone to degradation when are wound and manipulated with even better procedures used for the other common superconductor magnets based on NbTi. With the experience acquired for this first coil and the new possible improvements in procedures, in future we may even hope to obtain better results on limiting current respect to the theoretical current of virgin cable".

This coil will be part of an innovative concept of superconducting iron based magnets, capable to produce any value of multipole field for accelerators, using simple circular-solenoidal coils to excite iron poles. For this reason these magnets are called Round Coil Superferric Magnet (RCSM) This activity is under a large collaboration between INFN-LASA and CERN for the realization of High Order Multipole Corrector Superconducting Magnets of the program High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC).

For additional information, see the news on the LASA website.

06 March 2018
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