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Department Council


The Department Council includes the Director who acts as president, the Vice Director, the Head of Study Programme, the  Person Responsible of LASA structure, the Administrative responsible person (Administrative Secretary), members in charge for specific issues or activities proposed by the Director, and other seven professors or researchers, plus two representatives of technical/administrative staff. 


Giovanni ONIDA (Department Director)



Name and Surname    Role
 Gianluca COLO' Vice Director and Department's delegate for the Campus Mind project
 Alberto PULLIA Head of study programme
 Flavia GROPPI Person responsible of LASA structure
 Cristina LENARDI Contact for the Physics Laboratories in the Campus MIND project
 Matteo PARIS Doctoral Programme Coordinator and Space allocation responsible
 Marco POTENZA Safety issues
 Davide GALLI 
 Roberto GUERRA 
 Giuseppe LODATO 
 Laura PERINI 
 Alberto VAILATI 


Technical and Administrative Staff

Name and SurnameRole
 Alberto DEDE' T/A staff representative
 Marco GARGANO T/A staff representative
 Fortunato LAFACE Administrative Secretary


Tiziana BUSSINI will act as secretary.

The Department Council relies on a Workgroup (giunta@googlegroups.com) which is accessible by password using the following link: http://groups.google.com/group/giunta




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