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Applied Physics  

The Applied Physics area gathers many expertise, groups and fields of applications. The main focus of the experimental activities is the research and development of advanced methods and technologies, aimed both at new experimental approaches for fundamental investigations and at applications. The activity of the area can be divided into four main parts:

  • utilization of diagnostic tools for the investigation of natural and artificial environments, including the investigation of the climate and of pollutants in the atmosphere and the utilization of physical methods for the investigation of cultural heritage;
  • development of advanced diagnostic tools. A significant part of the activity of the area is devoted to the development of diagnostic tools such as medical tests and biosensors for biomedical, agro-food and environmental diagnosis, photocatodes for RF guns, amplification and preamplification stages for the detection of radiation;
  • development of advanced electronic/micro-electronic circuits, technologies, devices and systems, including radiation-hard, cryogenic, high radio-purity, vacuum-compatible analog and digital electronics;
  • development of advanced optical instrumentation for the investigations of materials in space.
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