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Physics of Matter (area)  

The endless possible arrangements of bits of matter, combined with micro/nano structuring, poses continuing challenges to researchers, for the development of novel materials, radiation sources, and compounds with innovative features and applications, and for the fundamental understanding and tailoring of their properties. Locally we address a number of these challenges using both theoretical and experimental approaches. Areas of interest range from extended systems (solids, liquids, “soft matter”, plasmas) at thermodynamical equilibrium to nano-sized aggregates of matter and out-of-equilibrium phenomena. State-of-the-art research addresses the interaction of radiation with matter, including spectroscopies and developing innovative theoretical and experimental approaches, the study of atomic-scale friction and dissipation by theoretical modeling and numerical simulations, the dynamics of confined plasmas and particle beams, the quantum properties of radiation and coherent phenomena – ranging from the free electron laser to entanglement, and applications to quantum information processing and quantum metrology.


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