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Applied Physics  

Applied Physics (struttura)


The group has the aim to aggregate many activities of research pursued in our Department in order to encourage the use of physics know-how and methodologies for handling different problems in our society. The group brings together researchers who are expert in physics for the cultural heritage, atmospheric physics, environmental physics, aquifer physics, medical physics, health physics, bio-sanitary physics, history of physics, physics education, dissemination of physics, energetics, radiochemistry, and the development of physical methods useful in many of the previous fields. The unifying aspect is the approach, which is often driven mainly by social needs. Even if we are engaged in a wide spectrum of skills and activities, we are concerned with many common problems. Similar aspects are our fundraising channels, the issues related to local authorities, the strong need to develop the communication with external entities along our activities of research.

Contact person

Roberta Vecchi

Research interests

Physics of Environment

History of Physics

Fundamentals of Energetics

Magnetism, Superconductivity and AFM

Medical and Health Physics

Physics Education

Physics for the Cultural Heritage

Physics for the Sport Science


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