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Physics for The Cultural Heritage  

Pysics for the Cultural Heritage

Brief Description

The group characterises itself by the activity of research, development and diagnostics, aimed both to designing new technologies and realising prototypes for the application of experimental methods.

The research focuses on applied optical techniques (reflectance spectrometry) and atomic techniques (XRF) for the characterization and identification of painting materials; IR reflectography and radiography applied to paintings; thermography to analyse historical building and materials for the investigation of moisture. The group cooperates with museums and galleries for the study of archaeological objects and paintings.

Research Group

Physics for the Environment, Health, and Society

Useful Links

UNIMI - Sez. Fisica per i beni culturali l'ambiente e il clima


Nicola Ludwig

Assistant ProfessorFoto Nicola Ludwig
Letizia BonizzoniTechnicianFoto Bonizzoni
Marco GarganoTechnician

Foto Gargano

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