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Astrophysics and Plasma Physics  

Astrophysics and Plasma Physics (struttura)


The research carried out in the group "Astrophysics and Plasma Physics" covers the main methodological areas of Physics: experimental, observational, computational, and theoretical. In Astrophysics, the main research areas are: dark molecular clouds, star and planet formation, accretion disks, globular clusters, galaxies and galaxy clusters, dark matter, gravitational lensing, nuclear and relativistic astrophysics of compact stars, X-ray and gamma-ray sources, such as stellar-mass and supermassive black holes, experimental cosmology, cosmic microwave background. In Plasma Physics, the main research areas are: basic physical processes in plasmas, non-neutral plasmas and plasmas for controlled nuclear fusion. The analysis of some problems related to astrophysical plasmas requires important contributions from both research areas. The research is generally carried out in the framework of national and international collaborations.

Contact person

Giuseppe Bertin

Research interests

General astrophysics
Plasma Physics

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