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General astrophysics  

General astrophysics (struttura)

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In the area of general astrophysics important contributions refer to the field of star and planet formation, the study of the structure and dynamics of dark molecular clouds, the physics of accretion disks in protostellar and protoplanetary nebulae. The study of large self-gravitating systems addresses the dynamics of galaxies and galaxy clusters, the dynamics of small stellar systems, such as globular clusters, and the general issues related to the properties of dark matter halos. Research is also active in high energy astrophysics, in the field of nuclear and relativistic processes in compact stars (Supernova explosions and neutron stars), X-ray and gamma-ray sources, such as stellar-mass and supermassive black holes. Research is also carried out in the field of gravitational lensing, from both the point of view of the development of theoretical models and the point of view of observations and data interpretation; in general, these investigations focus on the accurate determination of the dark matter and dark energy content of the Universe.

Research group

Astrophysics and Plasma Physics

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Giuseppe Bertin

Full Professor

foto Bertin

Giuseppe Lodato

Associate Professor

foto Giuseppe Lodato

Pierre PizzocheroAssociate Professorfoto Pizzochero
Marco LombardiAssistant Professor 
Sergey KhoperskovPost-docfoto Khoperskov
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