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Cosmology (struttura)

Brief description

The observational cosmology group is mainly active in experiments aimed at the observation of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), the first light of the Universe.

They have been participating for almost two decades to the development of Planck, european space mission started in 2009 and focused on the measurement of the CMB anisotropies, and they are actively involved in the data analysis. The group is also involved in the development of a future balloon experiment (The Large Polarization Explorer, LSPE) supported by the Italian Space Agency, and in the international collaborations EUCLID e QUBIC. The group promotes since 2011 a technological development project in collaboration with the Sardinia Radio Telescope.

Although astrophysical research is the main motivation why microwave technologies are developed in the Department, the interest of the group is also towards possible industrial applications in the domains of medicine, transportation, communications and energy, through the development of contacts with universities and private companies bith in Italy and abroad. 

Research group

Astrophysics and plasma physics

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NamePositionWeb pagePhoto
Marco BersanelliFull ProfessorPersonal web pageBersanelli
Davide Maino Associate ProfessorPersonal web page

Davide Maino

Aniello Mennella Associate ProfessorPersonal web page 

Daniele Mennella

Maurizio Tomasi Assistant ProfessorPersonal web pagefoto Tomasi
Francesco Del Torto Post-docPersonal web pageFoto Del Torto
Cristian Franceschet Post-docPersonal web pagefoto Franceschet
Benedetta Cappellini Post-doc INAF/IASFPersonal web page

Benedetta Cappellini

Simona Donzelli Assistant Professor
Personal web page

Simona Donzelli

Mariachiara Rossetti Post-doc Personal web page

Mariachiara Rossetti

Nicoletta KrachmalnicoffPost-docPersonal  web pageNicoletta Krachmalnicoff's photo
Jacopo MartelliPost-doc  Personal web pageJacopo Marelli's photo
Francesco CavaliereTechnician, responsible for the mechanic's workshopEmailfoto Cavaliere


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