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The Department of Physics "Aldo Pontremoli" hosts research activities in various domains of fundamental and applied Physics such as Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Nanotechnologies, Optics, Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Physics of Plasmas, Accelerator Physics, Physics of Complex Systems, Environmental and Cultural Heritage Physics, and Medical Physics.

Cortile di Via Celoria 16
Credit: NASA & ESA and P. Kelly (University of California, Berkeley)

Most distant star ever seen

Nature Astronomy publishes a paper by a team - including Claudio Grillo, physicist at the University of Milan - announcing the discovery of the hot blue star “Icarus”, 9 billion light years away.

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Letters from Nobel Laureates

At the beginning of January, tidying up a bookcase in the Department of Physics, one of our students found out some documents regarding outstanding scientists of the past. This piece of news aroused the curiosity of a journalist and a piece was published on Corriere della Sera last January 19.

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TESLA Technology Collaboration Meeting

The TESLA Technology Collaboration brings together the institutions that develop superconductivity for particle acceleration. Born from the push of high energy physics (TESLA), it has made possible the realization of the analytical machines that will film the biochemical processes and of the power ones for a clean energy. The annual meeting is hosted by the Physics Department on Feb. 06-09 2018 and concludes with two public seminars (and streamed) on the new potential opened up by the development of TESLA Technology.

Electromagnetic counterpart to gravitational wave emission detected

On the 16th of October 2017 two press conferences have announced an historical discovery: the simultaneous detection of gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves from a gamma-ray burst. The event, caused by the merger of two neutron stars, marks the beginning of a new era: the era of gravitational wave astronomy.

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