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13th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas

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On September 19-22 the Departments of Physics and Computer Science hosted the 13th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas (NNP). Since its inception in 1988, the NNP workshop has been the conference of this specific field where collective effects lead the dynamics of charged particle collections with a net electric charge.

This edition saw the participation of about 50 scientists from a small yet truly widespread community, spanning North America, Europe and Asia. Almost 50 years after the invention of the Penning-Malmberg trap, the machine of choice for the confinement of non-neutral plasmas, it has been good to see that the community is still so active and new generations are coming up with ever new ideas. The investigation of collective properties and their relevance to fluid systems of geophysical interest have since long been accompanied by a range of studies where the physics and technology of non-neutral plasmas and particle trapping are an essential tool. While the lion's share goes to antimatter synthesis, with its spectroscopy and matter-antimatter symmetry measurements, relevant topics were showcased like confinement of pair plasmas, fusion-related phenomena, highly-charged ion physics and ultracold plasmas.

The next edition of the workshop is foreseen for 2025 at Clemson University, South Carolina.

Further information at the workshop webpage.

Contacts: Giancarlo Maero, Massimiliano Romé.

17 October 2022
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