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ERC Starting Grant 2024

The ERC Starting Grant call is aimed at talented young scientists who are ready to be independent.

The call is open to all disciplinary fields; applicants must have obtained their PhD at least 2 years and not more than 7 years before the deadline (usually 1st January of the year of the call).

The evaluation takes place in two phases; in phase 1 the panel members (usually 3 or 4) evaluate only B1 (5-page synopsis, CV - 2 pages and track record - 2 pages); in phase 2, both the panel members (usually 3) and some remote reviewers (up to 8-10 per project) evaluate B1 and B2, which is the full proposal (14-page proposal + budget + 2 pages of justification of costs and human resources).

Applicants admitted to phase 2 of the evaluation are automatically invited to the ERC interview (which has been taking place remotely for a few years now).

Here is the official page dedicated to the ERC StG call, where you can find information and videos on how to prepare a proposal that meets all the ERC requirements.

Here the list of the panel members in 2022, 2020, 2018, 2016. When the call 2024 is published, the names of the Panel Chairs will be made public. The names of the panel members, however, will only be published after the selection process is closed.

In 2024, we expect some novelties: from our National Contact Point for ERC (Marco Ferraro of APRE) we have received news that the ERC Scientific Council has decided to give more weight to the research idea, to the project, than to the past results of the PI (CV and Track Record). The current CV and Track Record templates will be combined and simplified and applicants will be able to add short narrative descriptions to explain the information provided. Applicants will also be invited to explain career breaks or unconventional career paths and describe important contributions made to their research community.

Here an useful slide.



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15 February 2023
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