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"Lo Spettacolo della Fisica" is on stage

Spettacolo della Fisica

It's back on stage with a week of shows dedicated to children, the longest-running trio in scientific theatre. After more than 18 years of activity "Lo Spettacolo della Fisica" brings to the Teatro s. Giuseppe di Brugherio "Under another light", show on light and matter and their interaction.
Over 2000 students, from elementary to high school, will attend four performances which will be held every morning at 10 and which will see on stage the three authors-actors Marina Carpineti, Marco Giliberti and Nicola Ludwig, founders of the initiative which, born in 2004 , gave life to 8 shows seen by more than 150,000 people in over 430 reruns.
The ingredient that characterizes the eight shows created so far, with famous directors and collaborations with large theatres, is the desire to convey the essence of physics without the pretension of teaching, but rather with that of stimulating curiosity and passion towards a subject that it is often distorted in an attempt to make it accessible to all. The direct and in-depth knowledge of the topics addressed, always connected with the research or teaching activity of the three creators and actors of the shows, allows original and unusual experiments to be transmitted with sincerity, a personal reading of the subject and the amazement for discovery, even through the narration of real events.
The themes and language are chosen according to the preferred audience to which the shows are addressed, starting from children to university students or the general public. The narration, which is never a lesson, fits into the current cultural context and, in the eighteen years of life of the show, it has changed a lot, just as the public's perception of science has changed.
"Under another light", on stage in Brugherio until Friday 17 February 2023, is a show for children of all ages that offers an entertaining journey through surprising experiments that go against common sense and show how curiosity and joy of discovery are the true engine of research: to see the world in a different light without being too rigid with classifications, but letting yourself be amazed by reality.

Further information: http://spettacolo.fisica.unimi.it
For reservations: Teatro s. Giuseppe http://www.sangiuseppeonline.it

15 February 2023
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