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NUSTAR week in Milan, 24-28 September

NUSTAR 2018 photo

The NUSTAR week Conference has gathered together, for one week, international experts in the Fields of Nuclear Physics ad Nuclear Astrophysics. The meeting has taken place at the headquarter of Milano University (Sala Napoleonica). Recent scientific and technical progresses have been presented and discussed also in connection with the status of future projects which are under development at the international facility FAIR, in Darmstadt (Germany). A hot topic in this research field is the study in Earth laboratories of the properties of exotic nuclei which are formed in the Cosmos in reactions and decay processes, finally giving rise to the composition of our planet. This is the case of heavy nuclei of gold, platinum, lead, …, which are produced in the Universe in extremely violent phenomena, as for example neutron star mergers, generating the famous gravitational waves predicted 100 years ago by Einstein. Their observation has been awarded the Nobel prize in 2017. The first presentation, given by the Director of FAIR, Prof. Paolo Giubellino, has stimulated very interesting discussions. The presentation of Dott. Antonio Pellecchia, from the AGS Superconductor company (placed in Genova) has been also very much appreciated: it highlighted the technological challenges the Italian industry is facing for the construction of the superconducting magnets of a very powerful separator for isotopes produced in relativistic heavy ion collisions. The Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) has also been represented very well by several speakers, including Prof. Mauro Taiuti, President of the Italian National Nuclear Physics Committee. All discussions have been extremely interesting, lively, stimulating and particularly fruitful for the present and future research to which the Nuclear Physics research group of Milano University is strongly contributing with well recognized activities, both in experiment and theory.



Silvia Leoni

28 September 2018
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