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The video on Prof. Stefano Forte's ERC grant "N3PDF" is now available on the UNIMI website

Video ERC Stefano Forte (part.)

The goal of NNNPDF - Proton structure for discovery at the Large Hadron Collider is to revolutionize the way the structure of the proton is accessed, determined, and used in the computation of physical processes at hadron colliders such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of CERN. At a hadron accelerator, physical predictions require a precise, detailed, and accurate description and understanding of the structure of the colliding protons, as encoded in parton distributions (PDFs), which provide the probability of extracting from the proton its constituents: quarks and gluons. At the LHC, PDFs are at present the major source of uncertainty, and in the near future this uncertainty  will be the main hurdle in the search of new physics. The vision of this project headed by prof. Stefano Forte is to remove this hurdle by attacking the problem using recent results from artificial intelligence (AI). The calls of the European Research Council aim to finance excellent scientists who propose unconventional, innovative and high risk / high gain research projects. The only criterion for evaluation is scientific excellence. The ERC places a particular emphasis on frontier research, encourages projects of a multi- or inter-disciplinary nature that reduce the distances between various subject areas, and promotes pioneering projects that address open questions of emerging research areas. The research topics are free.

The video about the project is now available at La Statale Video.

26 July 2022
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