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ERC Starting Grant 2024

The ERC Starting Grant call is aimed at talented young scientists who are ready to be independent.

15 February 2023
Spettacolo della Fisica

"Lo Spettacolo della Fisica" is on stage

It's back on stage with a week of shows attended by over 2,000 children, the longest-running trio in scientific theatre. After more than 18 years of activity "Lo Spettacolo della Fisica" brings to the Teatro s. Giuseppe di Brugherio "Under another light", show on light and matter and their interaction.

15 February 2023
Glass transition

A universal law for glassy matter

In a paper published in the journal "Nature Physics", a team of researchers including Alessio Zaccone of our Department, reported on the discovery of an unexpected universal relation between the coefficient of thermal expansion and the glass transition temperature in systems that undergo the transition from liquid state to solid glass.

07 February 2023
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