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Protons collision with production of two electrons and two muons - Atlas experiment

News from LHC

After a period of data taking, leading to results that exceeded all expectations, LHC needs a two years technical stop in view of further steps.

Archer fish

Archer fish strike hard!

Fluid mechanics allows archer fish to achieve “superpowers”. The archer fish represents a notable example of animal making use of a highly sophisticated external tool – in this case a hydrodynamic lever – to amplify muscular power


Stacking nanospheres in space

Nanospheres stacked up spontaneously as adhesion energy was externally activated. The results of the experiment may help future designers build a new generation of computers.

Mappa del fondo cosmico a microonde -Planck

Planck: the almost perfect Universe

The first map of the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) created by the Planck satellite is now unveiled: a new journey in an almost perfect universe has just started.

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