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Accelerator Physics  

Accelerator Physics


The research activities are mainly addressed to the study and to the development of advanced accelerators and driving systems of particle beams, for the new requests and necessities of medical physics, as for example hadrotherapy. The activities are study, modelling and prototyping of technological components. The superconductivity is largely used, as recognized key element to develop compact and efficient system. The research is performed in framework of national and international collaborations.


Applied Physics



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Massimo SorbiAssociate Professor 


Lucio RossiAssociate Professor 


Samuele Mariotto



Riccardo Valente

INFN Researcher  
Ernesto De MatteisINFN Researcher  
Marco StateraINFN First Technologist  
Marco PrioliINFN Technologist  
Stefano SortiINFN Researcher  
Magnus DamINFN Researcher  
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