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Medical and Health Physics  

Medical and Health Physics

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The research activities concern the application of nuclear and particle physics to medicine and human health. In particular, they are aimed at the use of ionizing radiation for medical applications, including diagnostics, radiotherapy, and theranostics. Issues of dosimetry, radioprotection, hadrotherapy, radiobiology, production of radioisotopes, radiochemistry and nanotoxicology are investigated.

Further activities concern nuclear magnetic resonance, the study of nanomaterials for theranostic applications, like magnetic hyperthermia and drug delivery of biomolecules, and the development of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and machine learning for medicine.

Together with the INFN, we work in the definition of the technical specifications of an innovative facility for advanced diagnostics.

Collaborative activities are also carried out with local hospitals and with Postgraduate School of Medical Physics.

Research Group

Applied Physics

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Paolo Arosio

Researcher (RTD-B) 

Giuseppe Battistoni

INFN Research Director 

Stefano CarrazzaAssociate Professor  
Michele ColucciPhD Student 
Yunsheng Dong Post-doc  
Salvatore GalloResearcher (RTD-A)  
Flavia GroppiAssociate Professor  Foto Groppi
Cristina LenardiOrdinary Professor  
Silvia LocarnoPost-Doc  
Simone ManentiPost-Doc  
Ilaria MatteiINFN Researcher  
Silvia MuraroINFN Researcher  
Francesco OrsiniAssociate Professor  
Ivan VeroneseAssociate Professor  
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