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Astrophysics (struttura)


The astrophysics group covers a broad range of topics at the forefront of current research in astrophysics, as specifically:

  • Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and development of micro-wave instrumentation
  • Measurements and modelling of the large-scale galaxy distribution, cosmological and astro-particle physics
  • Gravitational lensing
  • Formation, evolution and dynamics of galaxies
  • Formation of stars and planets
  • Compact objects and gravitational waves
Research group

Astrophysics and Plasma Physics

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Maria ArchidiaconoResearcherMaria Archidiacono's photo
Marco BersanelliFull ProfessorBersanelli's photo

Giuseppe Bertin

Full Professor

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Davide Bianchi

ResearcherDavide Bianchi's photo

Emanuele Castorina

ResearcherEmanuele Castorina

Loris Colombo

ResearcherLoris Colombo's photo

Stefano Facchini

ResearcherStefano Facchini's photo

Cristian Franceschet

ResearcherFranceschet's photo

Luigi Guzzo

Full Professor

foto del prof Luigi Guzzo

Claudio Grillo

Associate ProfessorClaudio Grillo's photo

Giuseppe Lodato

Full Professor

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Marco Lombardi

Associate Professor

Davide Maino Associate ProfessorDavide Maino's photo
Aniello MennellaFull ProfessorDaniele Mennella's photo
Giovanni RosottiAssociate ProfessorGiovanni Rosotti's photo
Maurizio Tomasi Associate ProfessorTomasi's photo
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