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Plasma Physics  

Plasma Physics (struttura)

Brief description

The group is active in the experimental and theoretical investigation of the collective behaviour of plasmas. Specifically, our studies focus on the non-linear dynamics (insurgence and control of instabilities, formation of coherent structures, evolution of turbulence) of non-neutral plasmas, with applications to fluid dynamics, confinement and manipulation of antimatter plasmas, sources and accelerators of charged particle beams. Further scientific interests concern the heating of fusion-relevant plasmas by means of electromagnetic waves.
We pursue these activities both locally and within the framework of national and international collaborations (INFN projects; ASACUSA experiment at CERN).

Research groups

Astrophysics and plasma physics

Physics of complex systems


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Massimiliano RoméAssociate ProfessorMassimiliano Romé
Giancarlo MaeroAssociate Professor

Giancarlo Maero


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