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Gamma spectroscopy  


Brief description

The activity of the experimental group of nuclear structure focuses on spectroscopy studies, in particular through gamma rays measurements. This activity is associated to experiments in many european and extra-european laboratories.

From the point of view of physics, the topics are: shell structure and collective modes in neutron-rich nuclei, isospin symmetry and pairing interaction between protons and neutrons, giant resonances and other data of astrophysical interest, structure of nuclei close to the proton drip-line, critical points and phase transitions.

The activity is based on the use of detector systems at accelerators for stable nuclei (National Laboratories of Legnaro, GANIL Caen, Cracow, Bucarest) or unstable nuclei (GSI Darmstadt, RIKEN Tokyo, RCNP Osaka, CERN). The group is also active in the detector development, mainly new generation scintillators.

Research group

Nuclear Physics

Useful link

GAMMA Spectroscopy Group (UNIMI - INFN)

NamePositionWeb pagePhoto
Giovanna BenzoniINFN researcher Giovanna Benzoni
Simone BottoniPost-Doc  
Angela BraccoFull Professor foto di Angela Bracco
Franco CameraFull Professor foto di Franco Camera
Fabio CrespiAssociate Professor Fabio Crespi
Eugenio GambaPost-doc  
Silvia LeoniFull ProfessorPersonal web pageSilvia Leoni
Bénédicte MillionINFN Senior researcher  Bénédicte Million
Oliver WielandINFN Senior reseacher Personal web page Oliver Wieland


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