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Milano hosts a group of researchers belonging to the LUNA collaboration (http://luna.lngs.infn.it) that carries out nuclear astrophysics research in the underground laboratories of Gran Sasso (LNGS) where the LUNA 400 kV accelerator is installed. Here it is possible to measure the cross section of thermonuclear reactions that usually take place in stars. The cosmic background reduction of LNGS allows to study these reactions at energies of astrophysical interest. In the near future, the installation of the LUNA MV machine that will deliver intense proton, alpha and carbon beams will allow to study very important processes of Helium and Carbon burning.

Research group

Nuclear astrophysics

Useful link

LUNA: http://luna.lngs.infn.it

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Alessandra GuglielmettiAssociate ProfessorPersonal web pageAlessandra Guglielmetti
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