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Atlas experiment  

ATLAS experiment (struttura)

Brief description

ATLAS is an experiment that is currently collecting data from the CERN LHC accelerator. By studying head-on collisions of protons at extraordinarily high energy, ATLAS has discovered the Higgs boson, it has extended the search for new particles to the TeV scale and it will continue to provide new information related to the fundamental forces that have shaped our Universe.

The Milano group has an important role in the electromagnetic calorimeter, in the pixel detector, in the development of the computational resources and algorithms. The group is currently involved in the study of the Higgs boson and of supersymmetric particles, which are a possible solution to the dark matter enigma.

Research group

Particle and Astroparticle Physics

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NamePositionWeb pagePhoto

Gianluca Alimonti

INFN researcher

Personal web pagefoto Alimonti

Attilio Andreazza

Associate Professor

Personal web page

Leonardo CarminatiAssociate Professor  
Donatella CavalliINFN Research Dir.  
Mauro CitterioINFN Senior Technologist  
Simone Coelli INFN TechnologistPersonal web pagefoto Coelli
Marcello FantiAssistant Professor foto di Marcello Fanti
Danilo GiugniINFN Senior Technologist  
Tommaso LariINFN Researcher  

Massimo Lazzaroni

Associate Professor  

Valentino Liberali 


Associate Professor 

 foto di Valentino Liberali

Chiara Meroni

INFN Research Dir.  

Laura Perini

Full Professor foto Perini

Miguel Perez Villaplana


Francesco Ragusa

Full Professor  

David Rebatto

INFN Technologist  

Silvia Resconi

INFN Researcher  
Alberto Stabile


 foto di Alberto Stabile
Giuseppe F. TartarelliINFN Senior Researcher  
Clara Troncon
INFN Senior Researcher

Personal web page

foto Troncon

Ruggero TurraPost-doc  
Luca VaccarossaINFN Technologist foto Vaccarossa
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