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Neutrino physics  

Neutrino physics (struttura)

Brief description

This research line involves different experiments. Borexino, at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, has performed the first direct measurement of neutrinos from the interior of the sun and of antineutrinos coming from inside the earth. Now, by means of the use of (anti-)neutrino sources, it will shed light on the possible oscillation of a sterile neutrino (SOX project).

The search of sterile neutrinos is also an objective of Icarus, whose upgrade is under preparation at CERN.

The group is also committed in the next goal of neutrino physics: the determination of the mass hierarchy by means of the Juno experiment, based in China, that will measure reactor antineutrions in 20kt of liquid scintillator.

Research group

Particle and Astroparticle Physics

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Giuseppe Battistoni 

INFN Research Director


Paola Sala

INFN Senior Researcher


Barbara Caccianiga

INFN Researcher


Davide D'Angelo


Assistant Professor

 foto D'Angelo

Marco Giammarchi 

INFN Senior Researcher


Paolo Lombardi


INFN Senior Technologist

Personal web page

foto Lombardi

Livia Ludhova


INFN Post-doc

 foto di Livia Ludhova

Emanuela Meroni

Full Professor

 foto Meroni
Lino MiramontiAssociate ProfessorPersonal web page 
Gioacchino RanucciINFN Senior Technologist  
Alessandra RePost-doc  
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