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Statistical mechanics  

Statistical mechanics (struttura)

Brief description

Lines of research: field theory and statistical mechanics (combinatorial optimization problems, models on neural network graphs and replica method, bound states in functional formalism, random matrices), interdisciplinary theoretical physics and quantitative biology (applications of statistical mechanics and stochastic processes in biology, soft matter and polymer physics, modeling, model-guided data science, statistical physics of cells and genomes), statistical physics of neural networks and machine learning, statistical physics of complex materials (disordered systems, complex fluids, glasses).

Research group

Theoretical Physics

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NamePositionWeb page 
Sergio Caracciolo Full Professor Personal web page  
Marco  Cosentino Lagomarsino Associate Professor 
Marco Gherardi Researcher (RTD-B) 
Luca Guido Molinari Associate Professor Personal web page
Mario Pernici INFN's Researcher 
Pietro Rotondo INFN's Researcher 
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