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The study of physics allows us to achieve a working knowledge of natural phenomena. This knowledge is based on the experimental method, it's organized into appropriate mathematical patterns, and it enables us to predict the quantitative behavior of new phenomena.

The Physics Department is the leading reference for the following degree programmes:

Bachelor Degree in Physics


Further detail: admission, times, contacts, etc. (Italian).

Master Degree in Physics


Further detail (news, admission, times, etc.) (Italian).

The "Guida ai percorsi della laurea magistrale" (Italian) guides registered students in the organization of a coherent individual Plan of Study.

A one-page summary of the main rules (Italian).

General Information and Contacts

Please direct your information requests regarding our education activities to cl.fisica@unimi.it

Contacts of the Head of the Academic Board.

The minutes of the Academic Board meetings are available in the Reserved Section of the site (Italian).

Postgraduate Programmes

The Physics Department also hosts the Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics PhD School and the Medical Physics Postgraduate Programme (Italian).

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