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Erasmus program and other international opportunities  


Erasmus+ is the EU program that allows undergraduate, master and PhD students to carry out a study or training internship experience at a European partner university, with subsequent recognition of the teaching activity carried out in their academic career. During periods of mobility abroad, students enrolled at the University of Milan do not have to pay any fee or contribution to the host University, except for any secretarial and/or service-related expenses.

The two types of Erasmus+ mobility for students are:

  • Mobility for study to attend courses, take exams, write the thesis and carry out research activities, laboratory abroad.
  • Mobility for traineeship, to carry out a training internship under the supervision of the partner university, also open to new graduates (within 12 months of graduation).

Students are entitled to a maximum of 12 months of total mobility for each three-year and master's cycle, which they can decide whether to use in study or traineeship mode.

Information on the Erasmus+ program for the degree course in Physics

At the web page about studying abroad with Erasmus+ students can find information related to Erasmus+ mobility for Physics, concerning the dates of the information meetings (annual, usually in January/February), the list of European locations with which there is an Erasmus agreement, the selection requirements and criteria, and the name of the Erasmus referent.

Learn about other international opportunities

At the web page about other international opportunities you can find information on other international opportunities outside the Erasmus+ program.

Students can contact the International Mobility and Promotion Office through the Informastudenti Contact Center.

The international students interested to an Erasmus mobility to our University can find information following this
link about international mobility for incoming students.

The International Dimension of Teaching

The Visiting Professors

The Visiting Scientists

Thesis abroad

Third-year students may occasionally be offered the opportunity to carry out the thesis work abroad at prestigious research institutions such as CERN in Geneva, GSI in Darmstadt, ESRF in Grenoble or at other important foreign universities, in the context of international collaborations in which the research activity of teachers is located.

Pre-enrollment if you need a visa:



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